About Chris Littler

I have been enjoying building websites for nearly 20 years. 

Having trained in website design in 2002, I built up a website portfolio and established a good customer base whilst living in the  Isle of Man, and then in Sheffield and the rest of the UK since 2005.


My background is in economics and working in public service. With degrees in economics from Sheffield and Manchester I worked in the civil service in the Employment Department, Education Department and Business and Innovation Department. I worked on economic appraisal and research and evaluation of active labour market policy, and education policy.

I combined civil service and website work for a number of years, but in 2010 devoted all my working time to website  design and photography.


My aim is to make a real difference to businesses’ profitability by creating websites that promote them effectively to as wide an audience as possible. I most enjoy working for small businesses, and, as an owner myself of a small business, I understand the importance of working efficiently and economically to minimise costs. I use my consultancy and project management skills from 21 years as a government policy analyst to quickly assess business requirements and to deliver projects with value for money, with a focus on getting things right first time. I never sell anyone something that they don’t need. I work to ethical working practices that ensure a great customer service, and develop clients’ trust so that nearly all my business comes from word of mouth, and always has done.


Adventures in photography: Combining my interests in photography, web design and social history I have set up archivephotography.co.uk to document contemporary working life in town centres, and preserve it for future posterity. I’m looking forward to extending this project to other areas, and by adding a longitudinal element to areas already covered with some “ten years on” projects beginning in 2021.


Who do I build websites for?
So far… I’ve built websites for: Holiday cottages (lots) and their professional body, local authorities (eight), a university research department, a roofing company, a kite aerial photography expert, a garden office builder, a music teacher, a language teacher, a campervan converter and rental agency, B&Bs (lots), a farmer and a long distance walking farmer, a truck driver, a dentist, a quilt maker, a plumber, music festivals (two), a house builder, an estate agent, local communities, charities, a museum, a library, GP surgeries, a poet, a walking tour guide, a driving tour guide and their professional body, a piano tuner, a genealogist, Buddhist meditation groups (two), politicians (three), outdoor theatre, a marquee hire company, a carpenter, an author, a group campaigning for EU membership, campsites, artists (three), a photographer, a carpet fitter, an Alexander teacher, a counsellor, a blacksmith, a cosmetic treatment company, a craniosacral therapist, a fish supplier, a catering company, a personal trainer, a solar panel installer, a playgroup, a vodka bar, a chamber of trade, local heritage groups (two), friends of a church, a map maker, an accountant, an orienteering club, a business coach, a singer songwriter, a Viking festival, a religious walking group, an energy advice centre, and a website designer (me!).

CHRIS LITTLERWeb design consultant & photographer
19 years of experience in developing an effective online presence for scores of clients across several sectors in the UK and Isle of Man.
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  • Email – chris@chrislittler.co.uk


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