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70+ different trades, professions, groups & services


I was doing a little reminiscing as I pass the 20 years mark as a website designer, thinking of some of the lovely projects I’ve been involved in, and I wondered how many different types of people and groups I have designed websites for.

It’s possible some have slipped my memory, but so far I have helped:

Holiday cottages (lots) and their professional body, local authorities (several), a roofing company, a garden office builder, a music teacher, a choir, support for care workers, a language teacher, a campervan converter and rental agency, B&Bs (lots), a farmer and a long distance walking farmer, a […]

70+ different trades, professions, groups & services2024-05-29T13:41:50+01:00

More shop-front photography underway


I’ve had a busy Easter “holiday” with the photography of all visible shops and businesses in the village of Port St Mary in the Isle of Man. This was a repeated of the work done ten years ago and represents the completion of the “ten years on” projects for the four towns and villages that were included in the original project.

I’m now turning to expanding the project into other places, beginning with the small shopping area in the centre of old Ballasalla. And I’m in discussions with other Manx towns about including them too, either this year or […]

More shop-front photography underway2023-04-17T13:29:36+01:00

“Laxey and Port Erin 2012 – Ten years on” published


2022 turned more of my attention again to photographic projects, and I expanded the “ten years on” project to include both Laxey and Port Erin. It’s very rewarding work and of very contrasting kinds of work. This ranges from a full-on week of fieldwork meeting hundreds of people and persuading them to take part, followed by weeks more of office based photo processing and incorporating into the website. This is all preceded by work to gain funding for the project spanning many months, and succeeded by work to publicise the results. Then a sigh of relief before starting all over again. […]

“Laxey and Port Erin 2012 – Ten years on” published2023-02-06T12:26:14+00:00

New website for Knocakloe Beg Farm


It’s always a joy to do work with Knockaloe Beg Farm. A fresh new design for their website that I’ve managed for about ten years with an aim to show off all the delights of the farm, made easier with some wonderful aerial photography. This was their second re-design from myself, around 6 years on from the last. My appreciative clients said: “Thanks to Chris Littler for his great work – we […]

New website for Knocakloe Beg Farm2023-02-06T12:30:35+00:00

The Laxey Institute


I’ve done a number of websites for both businesses and local authorities in Laxey, Isle of Man, but this was the first for a charity in the village. This often presents challenges when there is a committee of people with strong views of how the site should look, and we achieved a good result that was immediately effective in helping the local community book their space in the facility and for the public to keep in touch with events at the centre.

The Laxey Institute2023-02-06T12:35:32+00:00

“Peel 2011 – Ten years on” published


At the end of October ‘21 I spent a busy and enjoyable week in Peel visiting and photographing all the businesses I could find. People are often surprised to know there are as many as 140 businesses in Peel. I photographed them 10 years ago too and now we have a comparison to see who has come and gone. So, how was the experience, and what did I find?

I began the photography with a little apprehension as to whether people would still be as welcoming and happy to participate in the […]

“Peel 2011 – Ten years on” published2021-12-16T13:50:40+00:00

Peel 2011: Ten years on


Last week I spent five wonderful days in Peel, Isle of Man, photographing all the shops, businesses, organisations and their workers. The criteria for inclusion was simply that there was a “shop front” that is visible to the public, and that it lay within the town of Peel. I did this ten years ago too, so now we have a ten years on comparison and can see which businesses have closed or left, which are new, and who has simply moved along the street or around the corner (a surprising number!). I’ve yet to count the businesses I captured, but in […]

Peel 2011: Ten years on2021-11-05T13:29:11+00:00

Manx Shop Fronts


I’m very excited to be starting work on a project that has been a long time in the initiation stage. I have secured funding from Culture Vannin and other sponsors to repeat the work I did in Peel ten years ago to photograph and interview all businesses in the town that have a visible presence on the high street. It’s such valuable work to document social and economic trends in image format and will be of great interest to future generations. The outputs will be displayed on the new website manxshopfronts.com, and submitted to Manx National Heritage for […]

Manx Shop Fronts2021-10-19T15:25:50+01:00

A busy spring time


The new year has brought a flurry of activity to complete four projects that were initiated some time ago, ranging from 6 months, to 7 years! We have a new website for The Camper Company, a new business for an old client in the Isle of Man which will be hiring and converting campervans for people to enjoy the Manx countryside to the fullest. A new holiday cottage website for Wyndell Cruck Cottage on the northern tip of Peak District near Stocksbridge. And completing soon will be a site revamp for Visit Port Erin, and […]

A busy spring time2021-03-19T11:45:34+00:00

Award for Go-Mann Adventures


Congratulations to Andrew Foxon and Go-Mann Adventures for winning the award of Isle of Man’s Leading Tour Operator 2020, from “World Travel Awards”.

And thanks for crediting my small piece in the puzzle!

“Go-Mann Adventures provides guided walks, guided tours and outdoor skills courses on the Isle of Man.

2020 has been a difficult year for anyone in the leisure and tourism business, but with the support of Island residents, visitors from Guernsey, Chris Littler web design and the Department for Enterprise, Go-Mann has offered a wide range of guided […]
Award for Go-Mann Adventures2021-03-19T11:46:52+00:00
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