Affordable, ethical and excellent service

Chris Littler Webdesign provides a personalised web site design,
photography and internet marketing service
with complete attention to detail and commitment to meeting your requirements.
As a freelance agency, overheads are low, so the price is very competitive.

Specialist in websites and hosting for small businesses, charities,
the public sector, and websites for holiday accommodation.

Chris Littler


Chris Littler

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    Full Consultancy

    Help in defining your specification. You know you need a website, but are you clear about your aims and objectives for the site? Need help to clarify the purpose? What do your customers need? I will help you decide on the appropriate content and structure for the site.

    Web design, including graphics and photography. I specialise in simple, yet stylish, and innovative designs that grab the attention and provide easy access to the information your customers need.

    Most of my work is not off-the-peg. I make imaginative use of photography and graphics to make your web site stand out from the rest. You will be able to examine work-in-progress and take an active part in the web design process, ensuring that you get the website you want. However, some clients, especially when first setting up in business, need to restrain costs as much as possible. In these cases we can discuss ways to maintain quality and effectiveness whilst keeping a good balance with the costs.

    I can advise on the choice of domain names (the “www” bit) bearing in mind the impact on search performance, and arrange fast, secure, reliable and value for money hosting for your site, which is also now powered by renewable energy.

    On-going development and maintenance. Your personalised service can continue beyond completion and publishing the site, with regular reports on search engine rankings and visitor traffic to the site to inform further improvements. I will maintain and update the site for you, or show you how to, whichever you prefer. Training can be via bespoke written instructions, personalised video tutorials, or face to face training.

    A pretty and useful website is no use if nobody sees it. Your site will be optimised to achieve a high search engine ranking and I will help you establish links to your site from elsewhere to maximise your visibility on the internet. We will make use of all the best methods, including social media and Google My Business, to make sure your investment is not wasted. More about optimising your website and promoting your business…


    I keep prices low by working efficiently with you to get the job done quickly, but without cutting corners. I assess all projects for value for money and specify the project such that spending more would not be justified by the benefits, and spending less would lose too much.

    I keep my overheads low by working at home from my garden office (built by one of my clients!).

    There are no minimum fees for updates. If an update takes five minutes, you are only charged for five minutes!

    I will tell you if I think a project, or sub-project would not be value for money, and will let you know if I think someone else might better meet your needs.

    I offer reduced rates for charities, with just a couple of conditions for how we work together. Ask me for details.


    Some recent websites…