Project Description


This is no doubt the most esoteric website I have created for a while. Visit the site for a fascinating account of the benefits of carrying out aerial photography from a kite rather than the apparently simpler option of a drone! This website was produced quickly to a fairly precise specification after a frustrating false start. It shows off Mark Noel’s photography and videography, mostly on the Isle of Man, and enables the site visitor to create their own kit with downloadable instructions and 3D printer files.

aeronaut - kite aerial photography

Summary of features

  • Photography – Provided by the client and then optimised for the web.
  • Content management system – with bespoke written and video instructions.
  • Mobile friendly – Fully responsive to display well on all devices.
  • Search Engine Optimisation – Site optimised for key search terms.
  • Social media – Inegration with YouTube channel.