I was doing a little reminiscing as I pass the 20 years mark as a website designer, thinking of some of the lovely projects I’ve been involved in, and I wondered how many different types of people and groups I have designed websites for.

It’s possible some have slipped my memory, but so far I have helped:

Holiday cottages (lots) and their professional body, local authorities (several), a roofing company, a garden office builder, a music teacher, a choir, support for care workers, a language teacher, a campervan converter and rental agency, B&Bs (lots), a farmer and a long distance walking farmer, a truck driver, a dentist, a quilt maker, a plumber, music festivals (two), a house builder, an estate agent, local communities, charities, a museum, a library, two GP surgeries, a poet and author, a walking tour guide, a driving tour guide and their professional body, a piano tuner, a yoga teacher, a genealogist, Buddhist meditation groups (two), politicians (three), outdoor theatre, a marquee hire company, a carpenter, an author, a group campaigning for EU membership, campsites, artists (three), a photographer, a carpet fitter, an Alexander teacher, a counsellor, a blacksmith, a cosmetic treatment company, a craniosacral therapist, a foreign exchange dealer, a reflexologist, a fish supplier, a catering company, a personal trainer, a solar panel installer, a Manx language playgroup, a vodka bar, a chamber of trade, local heritage groups (two), friends of a church, a map maker, an accountant, an orienteering group, a business coach, a singer songwriter, a Viking festival, a religious walking group, and me, a website designer.