1. Identify the need

Consultancy to determine the purpose of the website and how it can be achieved.

A clear idea of the purpose will clarify the kind of website needed, and how it will fit with your social media and other advertising.

2. Objectives

What are the specific objectives?

Together we will determine the specific objectives of the website and then the content, structure and navigation of the site.

3. Build

After supplying me with text, any images or logos, you will get a break while I produce a draft of the website ready for your comments.

On the basis of our discussions so far I hope to get things nearly right at the first attempt. You’ll then have some time to consider the draft and send me your comments.

4. Review and Revise

Producing the final design.

I’ll take on board your comments and revise the site accordingly.

5. Finishing Touches

Some SEO and promotion work.

We need to get your site seen by your intended audience. There are simple things that can be done to get your site seen in the search results, and, with the use of social media and Google Maps, directories, and more, we can give your site a fighting chance of being seen in the right places.

5. Extras

Ongoing development and maintenance.

Approximately half of my time is spent designing new websites, and the other half is improving and maintaining existing ones. Some brochure style websites rarely change, whilst others have an ongoing programme of development and improvement. Sometimes SEO and promotion is a continuous task, and there are numerous behind the scenes tasks to be done on  a regular basis to keep sites secure and working smoothly. From time to time we may need to respond to external pressures such as privacy legislation or changes in the way key search engines operate.