I have become a business partner of the Unesco Isle of Man Biosphere. For me, this particularly signifies that, in my work with clients on the Isle of Man, I am aiming to:

  • Protect our natural resources – I work from a paper-free office and have a zero commute time to my office in the back garden. I encourage clients to make the best of paper-free marketing by using websites and social media;
  • Develop our economy in a sustainable way – I’m proud to work in a very ethical way, supporting other small businesses like my own through provision of effective websites, that are also very good value for money.
  • Support and promote our cultural heritage – for example through my involvement with many cultural and community based organisations over the years, notably Peel Heritage Trust, and Peel Online on behalf of Peel Commissioners; Peel Carnival and I did a website for the Manx Energy Advice Centre in its early days.
  • Engage with the local community – in my projects to photograph the retail sectors of 4 Manx villages and towns I touched upon almost the whole working community in these places, recording a key aspect of life to be preserved for future generations. Through Peel Online and other local authority websites I aim to engage with the local communities through provision of information on local life, events, and places to visit.