The way I work is important to me, and my job satisfaction depends on it. I believe that a sound working relationship with my clients benefits both of us.

Firstly, I keep prices low by working efficiently with you to get the job done quickly, but without cutting corners. I assess all projects for value for money and specify the project such that spending more would not be justified by the benefits, and spending less would lose too much.

After site completion I offer complete flexibility over methods of keeping your site up to date. I can train you to do some or all of the updating yourself, or, if you prefer a hands off approach, I can do it all for you. And importantly, I only charge for the time taken to do your updates, often only a few minutes – there are no minimum fees.

Throughout all the work the advice you receive is impartial, and if I think someone else is better placed to do your work I’ll tell you. Or if I think your proposal would not give you value for money I’ll discuss it with you and see if we can find a way to ensure your money is well spent.

Overall I hope you’ll then be very happy with my service and happy to recommend me to your contacts. Almost all my business comes from word of mouth, although a recent customer found me on a Google search for “ethical web design”, which was very nice to hear!