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Project Description

Praying the Keeills

This website promotes the annual event of walks to ancient manx keeill sites. It’s one of three websites I have set up for Andrew Foxon of Go-Mann Adventures. It was developed for the 2016 event and Andrew now uses the content management system to update the site each year.

Praying the Keeills

Summary of features

  • Photography – Photography provided the client and optimised for the web.
  • Content management system – with bespoke written instructions.
  • Mobile friendly – Fully optimised to display well on all devices.
  • Search Engine Optimisation – Key pages optimised for key words.
  • Social media – Assistance with integrating various social media channels.
  • SSL certificate
  • Website –

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Contact Info

313 Fulwood Road,
Sheffield S10 3BJ

Phone: +44 (0)7914 706330


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